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From residential properties and commercial buildings, the main services we provide are: 

Roof Repairs specialising in a comprehensive range of materials for basic maintenance or full-scale repair. A ‘functioning’ roof gives you complete peace of mind in terms of safety, energy efficiency and complete protection from the elements. 

Tiles and slate, the two most popular styles of pitched roofing. 

Maybe it’s a new modern concrete tile you require or an old style reclaimed clay, depending on the house style. Similarly with slate, a beautiful welsh heather coloured slate or a more modern Spanish one. We can supply various styles and colours for you to decide.

Single ply / Rubber roofing, highly popular across the world for flat roofing thanks to its strengths over other materials. Known to be durable, versatile and weather protective. Single ply epdm rubber is most commonly laid with a primer on to decking, then polymer single ply rubber rolled out and sealed with heat on the joins. Available in two main colours, grey and black.

Reinforced torch on felt. Either double or triple layer depending on the roof type. Double is usually ample for a garage but triple layer is recommended on main roofs and extensions for extra durability and performance.

Lead roof work is usually done on churches/cathedrals or orangeries and outbuildings/extensions. A roofing system tried and tested over many years that looks absolutely beautiful and is a art in itself.

Industrial style roofing can range from cement fibre panels to a metrotile lightweight system. We also fit lightweight plastic slates which look very good and work well where slates are not possible.

At Lee Johnson roofing we can adapt to each customers needs, examples of additional work we carry out: